Wire China 2018 – The 8th All China International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair , China on 26th Sep. to 29th Sep. 2018

Diamond International joined Pioneer Machinery to exhibit at the Wire China 2018 – The 8th All China International Wire & Cable Industry Trade Fair, at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), China on 26th Sep. to 29th Sep. 2018

Pioneer Machinery is a professional manufacturing company for the complete automation of electric wire and cable industry.
The main products at our booth, we presented “Industry 4.0 smart FA-S7” it is the technological basis to transform a traditional cable factory into a Smart Factory.

The Smart Factory is quickly becoming a real place where the technology developed under Industry 4.0 will be put to work connecting real machines with information technologies and Internet will increase the factory productivity, eliminate wastage, reduce costs and save money.

In addition, the machines which were shown in the exhibition were…

1. Taping Machine
(1.1) Eccentric Taping Machine for Steel tapes
– Eccentric taping head machine with 2 pad2 head
– Specially designed to work with steel tapes

(1.2) Concentric Taping Head Machine for Copper or Aluminum
– Concentric taping head machine
– Suitable for copper and aluminum foils, textile, PE, paper as well as for other “non metal” tapes

Above types have the same things are…
– Tape tension control is done through hysteresis brake
– Taping head and pulling capstan are driven independently by AC servo motor
– HMI+PLC control system for pre-setting taping pitch, tape tension compensation and speed synchronization

And we also have Extruder for electric wire insulation, sheathing, stripping and skinning with single, double or triple extrusion layers available by using the different cross head. Moreover, PVC, LDPE, extrusion materials are shared with one BM type system. Our advance design of screw gives the largest output when using PVC or LDPE material.

We really appreciate the time that you’ve spent with our booth. And should you need any further information about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always happy to consult and provide solutions for all your needs!


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