Instrumentation and control equipment from leading manufacturer for use
in an industrial production such as Wire & Cable, Steel & Metals, Pipe & Tube, Converting and etc…



Production Machinery

While  providing  instrumentation  and  control  equipment are a given,  we also
provide  our  customers  the  best  design,  technology,  machinery  in manufacturing  processes electric wire and cable,  which high quality at  a very competitive price to fit their needs and suitable for businesses.



Industry 4.0

We have the professional manufacturer “Pioneer” who is the largest wire and
cable  machinery  manufacturer  in  Taiwan.  We  are  our  greatest  honor  to
introduce  to  you  for  their  newest  development, SmartFA-S7,  an IoT  based factory  integration  system  to help  wire & cable  factory  to migrate a smart factory.


It has been more than 3 years since they started to develop this system. After the  first  prototype  we  build 2 years ago,  more than 10 engineers  of  master and  doctor  degree  spent  thousands  hours  working  days  and  nights  to complete and polish every single function blocks in this system.

Now, it’s time to show their revolutionary product to all our customers.  It’s not only about to change the  way  cable factories are  operated  and  managed,
but it is also a milestone for them at Pioneer,  as we transform ourselves from machine makers to solution providers.

The implementation of the Smart Factory significantly upgrades the productivity, cost  management, quality  control  and  overall  efficiency  and flexibility  of  the  production  process.   Their  system  is  based  around
establishing a network between the production lines and a fully customizable, access controlled, visually oriented application  that  can  be  accessed  from
any fixed and portable devices.

This  application  provides  real – time  information  flowing  in  from  all  the  production  lines, and  every  necessary  elements  to  improve  your business  significantly  in  following  aspects:

  • Flexibility Production
    To  minimize  the overhead cost in process and during process  change.
  • Operating Efficiency
    To produce more products with less man power.
  • Quality Control
    To  dig  and  backtrace  from  Big data  then  locate  and  fix  the root  of problem on the fly
  • Decision Making
    A highly customized statistical analysis of the mega data, offering real -time report for decision making.

To  help  customers  implement  SmartFA  in  their  existing factories  fast  and smoothly, they have developed several techniques:

Production Line Integration
Regardless if they are dealing with brand new lines, existed lines,  or  very  old grandpa lines,  they can help you to adapt,  interface,  upgrade  or  rebuild all
your production lines to to be compatible with the SmartFA system.

Digital Core Designed for Wire&Cable
Their system  isn’t  just collecting data.  They have migrated a reputed  digital workflow system and included it as a brain of their SmartFA system.  With this kernel,  it becomes possible and natural to cooperate with high  level  system such as ERP, MES, ASP, PLM from SAP or Oracle.

Modularized Components and Pipeline Implementation
Just like  a  LEGO game,  the whole implementation is separated  into different layers formed by modularized components which is highly flexible to connect with  each  other.  With this design they can perform multiple implementation
in parallel which greatly shortens overall time to transform the  whole  factory into a smart factory.