Diamond  International  is  an  importer  and  distributor  of  industrial  machinery  in  Thailand   such  as  Electric  Wire  &  Cable  industry,  Automotive  industry,
Food industry  and  Paper  industry  including  equipment  or  replacement  part  for  above  industries. All of our products make use of  advanced technologies
from  leading  manufacturer  who  are  professional  for  each  of  industrial  types.

With  our  extensive  and  successful  links  with  our  suppliers,  we  have  the  finest  machinery  for  above  industries,  spare  parts  and  implicated  equipment  available,  ensuring  that  all  of  our  customers  always  get  the  best  deal  for  their  product.

We  service  in supplying  industrial  machinery, support and advice on industrial machinery including to provide  a  fast and efficient after service department.
We  have  dedicated  and  experienced  team  so  if  you  have  any  questions  we  will  be  happy  to  provide  friendly  and  professional  advice.

Nowadays,  Diamond  International  is  sales  representative  of  Proton  Products  International  Ltd.  in Thailand, who is  fully  authorized  to  sell  and  service  for  “Proton”  Product  lines.



Major Views

Diamond  International  would  be  a  leader  of  Trading   company
in  all  field  of  
comprehensive  mechanical  industries  in  Thailand,
who  has  
been  accepted  in  the  ASEAN  region  and  international



Our Aims

Diamond International  is  firmly committed  to  serve comprehensive service in field of industrial machinery. Ready to provide the best consulting, offer product range,  innovative  technology  and  high quality  to  fit  customer’s  requirement including reasonable price.  Finally, in case our customers face various problem on-site, we are ready to closely operate to solve a fast problem caused.